Climate change is a reality. Kenya has experienced extremes just as the rest of the world. Almost definite periods of rain can no longer be guaranteed. Population growth requires increased food supplies and many rural farmers are finding their crop yields reducing.

Feeding Futures is partnering with Mukinyai School Community to provide practical training opportunities to increase crop yields.

  • Climate change in Kenya is a reality – the rain can no longer be guaranteed to arrive ‘on time’ as in previous years.

  • There are no instant solutions to poverty – Time and effort are required by all of us.

  • Crop rotation, minimal tillage, mulching and composting + hard work are needed to sustain food supply

  • Partnership is the way to achieve Sustainability for Mukinyai.

In any partnership, building working relationships are essential. Mukinyai Community have repeatedly expressed their gratitude when visited by trustees from the UK with comments like “you come all this way to help us – thank you”

In this TENTH anniversary year, how will you partner with us to make the transition from reliability on handouts to independence and sustainability for rural communities.

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