A Lent challenge for adults and children to give and to help others.

Jesus gave up food for 40days – humanly that was a sacrifice. Then Jesus gave up his life so we might have life.

What sacrifice can you make to help our partners in rural Kenya to live sustainably through the farm training we provide?

Your donation will bring joy to many this year. Simply click here scroll down to ‘Custom amount’ for bank transfer details. The children in Mukinyai receive two cooked meals each day at school. Head teacher Mary recently said

Needy pupils can now access at least two meals a day with one of the meals being at school since their parents cannot afford to provide breakfast or lunch at home which has been provided at school for the last 2 years”.

“Cases of absenteeism have gradually reduced and the health of the children has improved since they receive a balanced diet which has been guaranteed and also an improved school discipline since in the past there were many cases of theft of money at home by the pupils so that they can buy food during lunch hour and there has been no need by the same pupils to steal money from their parents now that they have no food to buy. The moral values have also improved such as responsible children who wash their plates and cups and patience in that they queue well during meals time and in case there is a class of pupils who have been caught up in a class activity and got late for their meals actually find that the other pupils did not get double portions and left them without a meal”.

Why not help continue this amazing work? Will you take up the Lent challenge? – Print the photo below, Cut it out, Colour it, Stick it together and Save money to help others?

Have fun!!!

Lent money-box