Project Description

Sustainable School Meals

Sustainable School meals are becoming a reality as we adapt the principles of the National Kenya School Meals and Nutrition Strategy 2017-2022, in Mukinyai. We have clearly seen the community gradually taking hold of their responsibilities outlined in our partnership agreement. This agreement sets out how training in Conservation Farming assists an increased crop yield that ultimately supports the school meals programme.

The infrastructure was completed in time for breakfasts and cooked lunches to be provided from January 2019. In accordance with the agreed timeline the community from January 2020 took responsibility for the provision of breakfasts.

As more crops have been produced, there are more opportunities for self-sufficiency resulting in entrepreneurs. With a small increase in food production, many are able to sell some of their harvest or donate it to the school kitchen. And, from January 2021 the parents are sharing responsibility with Feeding Futures to provide and cook lunches throughout the year. More and more people are recognising the potential for them to become independent rather than donor dependent.

As an essential part of the partnership, clergy and members from 10 local churches in the Mukinyai area are working together. They meet as leaders to encourage one another and to support the community to stay motivated in working together for a sustainable future. And, as they get engage in a variety of ways to facilitate sustainability in the area, sustainable school meals are becoming a reality in Mukinyai.

School Meals Provided
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