Project Description

Partnering to prosper communities

Community mobilisation and partnership are essential in creating community self-sufficiency and sustainability. Building partnerships through early conversations will optimise successful outcomes for the  community. We use seminars involving stakeholders from the county  education, agriculture and health ministries. The village chief, school head teacher, staff and community representatives are involved as are local people. With their support, we share the vision for a sustainable school meals programme, free from external donors. Once expectations and responsibilities are understood commitment to work together as a partnership is possible.

Strengthening and maintaining capacity for change

Strengthening the capacity of local organisations to support our project activities starts at the beginning. The early involvement of  local stakeholders facilitates the change required.

The commitment by the head teacher and staff to work together towards the goal of providing sustainable cooked school meals for every child regardless of income is required.

Experiences so far

The head teacher, Board of Management and local clergy have important roles in enthusing communities to participate actively with the programme whether in meetings or in programme activities, for example farming or food preparation.  

We often talk about, the little boy who picks up a starfish from the beach and tosses it into the ocean. He hasn’t helped the other million still on the shore but he has for that one! The little he did made a huge difference to the one. And so, we believe the little that Feeding Futures can do with your help, makes a big and lasting difference to rural people where we work.

Creating community self-sufficiency

Creating community self-sufficiency is also stimulated when the children take home messages from their farm training at school. Parents learn from their children about how to increase crop yields.

Although the article here on self-sufficiency was published some time ago and does not reference Kenya, it is worth a read to help the reader see some of the aims we are starting to achieve.

Community mobilisation and partnership is happening! We will share the stories and progress in the News section of this website or you can sign up for our newsletter.

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