Project Description

Creating Community Self-Sufficiency

Creating community self-sufficiency starts when the children take home messages from their farm training. When the parents learn from the children they then find their crop yields increase. With more choices they are then enabled to continue paying for school meals, senior school fees and many are able to set up small businesses.

Although the article here on self-sufficiency was published some time ago and does not reference Kenya, it is worth a read to help the reader see some of the aims we are starting to achieve.

We have worked with two rural communities and learned that they are no different to any other group of people in terms of change. Everyone has a different response to change. There is a strong donor-dependency culture which is hard to break. We often talk about, the little boy who picks up a starfish from the beach and tosses it into the ocean. He hasn’t helped the other million still on the shore but he has for that one! The little he did made a huge difference to the one. And so, we believe the little that Feeding Futures can do with your help, makes a big and lasting difference to rural people where we work.

Creating community self-sufficiency is happening! Over the coming months we will share some of the stories in the News section of this website.

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We have come dangerously close to accepting the situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.



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