Our Vision

Rural African communities living life to the full

Partnering with rural communities

Increasing school attendance

Improving the perceived value of education

Improving children’s health

Improving national exam scores

Feeding Futures has provided over 160,000 meals per year since 2010 and given farm training to around 140 households. The plan is to finalise a ‘Partnership for Sustainability’ model and offer partnerships  to more schools in the region over the next five years but also to offer the model to others.

Mission Statement

To work with school communities to relieve hunger, reduce poverty, promote self-esteem and achieve independence – sharing the love of God


We help children to stay in school and have a better learning experience by providing regular school meals


We help schools and communities build and manage better infrastructure to provide meals with increased sustainability and efficiency


Through our work and partnerships children have had a better educational experience with many of the children now moving on to further education


Delivering farm training empowers individuals to be independent and also helps communities work together and support each other.

Meet Our Team

Vanessa Bennett

Founder and Chair of Trustees

Vanessa’s role as founder and chair of trustees involves creating the charities mission and vision, as well as strategic direction…

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Colin Clark

Trustee and Treasurer

Colin’s role entails….

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Jenni Clark


Jenni is responsible for….

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Michael Askwith


Michael brings decades of experience working with the United Nations

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Peterson Githinji

Trustee, Operations Director and Head Teacher

Peterson is responsible for….

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Gemima Kema

Trustee in Kenya

Gemima’s role entails…

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Andrew Njenga

Trustee in Kenya

Andrew is involved in….

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Joseph Gatu

Project Manager

Joseph has experience working with voluntary and international organisations ..

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Naomi Matey

Agricultural and Community Development Leader

Naomi is responsible for….

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Nderitu Nyaga

Development Support and Livestock Officer

Nderitun is responsible for….

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Our History

Feeding Futures began after Vanessa Bennett, a mother of young children in the UK became aware of children collapsing from hunger at school. St Brendan’s Primary is a rural school in the village of Ngwataniro in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The head teacher is Peterson Githinji, a friend of Vanessa’s, and together in 2009, they pledged to do all they could to help the children of that area out of poverty. With the help of supporters in the UK, Feeding Futures was born.

In April 2010, Feeding Futures built a kitchen at St Brendan’s School, later adding a food store. With joy and celebration, each of the 730 children at the school began receiving a substantial meal 2 days per week. As supporters were found and Standing Orders set up, we were able to gradually increase the number of days children were fed at school and from July 2011 – following the food crisis in the Horn of Africa – the children have been fed every school day.

Feeding Futures is now providing over 160,000 nutritious lunch time meals each year for the children, many of whom would have had no lunch at all and for some, it is their only meal of the day. The impact of the meals has been huge. The school has received an award for the most improved exam scores in the area, and the feeding programme is the talk of the district. More than that, though, is the impact on individual lives.

  • Relieving hunger

  • Reducing poverty

  • Promoting self-esteem

  • Achieving independence

By combining meals for children at school with community training in sustainable agriculture, Feeding Futures works to improve the long-term prospects of disadvantages, rural communities.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life; get in touch today and start making the difference.